Studio Saturday | Fine Art Museum

Studio Saturday  ~  The day to promote the arts on haymac


On a whim, after dropping off my daughter at college yesterday afternoon, I visited the Worcester Art Museum. I didn’t have my camera but was so impressed by my surroundings that I used my iPhone to take a few shots. I arrived at 4:15 pm and they close at 5 pm so I didn’t have time to view all the exhibits.


I captured a few things that really impressed me like the architecture of the main hall, this incredible and very large ancient floor mosaic named “The Hunt” (the largest floor mosaic brought to America), and this warm lit ceiling . . .


I was impressed by the architecture of the installations as well . . .


The museum was preparing for an event while I was there and set tables up in this installation. I would really enjoy eating dinner in here!


I loved this sculpture . . .


What a beautiful place. It won’t be long before I return to take in all the art at a slower, relaxed pace and maybe sit to make a few sketches of my own.


~ * ~

Photography of the museum’s own installations was allowed.

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