Portraits From The Maple Tree

Photographing birds (and a squirrel) is a great way to practice with my fast f/2.8 70-200mm zoom lens. More practice is needed but here are some of my favorite shots.

IMG_9557 Female cardinal keeping a gentle eye on feeder activity.

IMG_9587Woodpeckers never stop moving and are hard to photograph, even with a fast shutter speed (chickadees also). Spot-on focus, fast lens, and a steady hand helps. I haven’t used a tripod because it’s confining to me, so a zoom lens with a stabilizer is a must. I might try using a monopod for more flexibility when the weather becomes more mild and I can set up outdoors.



IMG_9365While holding a safflower seed in its beak, the red finch looked back at me one more time before cracking it open.




IMG_9500The chickadee may be small but stands tall. It moves swiftly from feeder to branch making it very hard to photograph.


IMG_9515Mourning dove silhouette in the morning.

IMG_9516Love the hands.

IMG_9722The warning look before taking over the feeder.

IMG_9738Patiently waiting for nom noms.


IMG_0011A delicate balance.


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