Meet George

This is George. He’s the first handmade stuffed animal that I’ve ever made and is named after a gray lop eared bunny we used to own.


For George, I cut out felt and sewed it in place for the eyes, nose and mouth because I didn’t have embroidery thread and wanted to just get it done. The rest are stitched with embroidery thread except for the nose. I stitched felt in place for the noses with black thread.





After I made “George”, I was very pleased so I made five more! They’re for my daughter and her college roommates who will be spending Easter with us.

IMG_2149 IMG_2151

I got the idea for these handmade stuffed bunnies from Everyday Handmade, a great sewing project book by Cassie Barden and Adrienne Smitke. I was attracted to their book because the jackalope on the cover was made with similar fabric I had at home, and I was looking for a pattern for a bunny.


Happy Spring!



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