Amusement Park Mural

Here’s a photo of the completed mural for the high school Choral Cabaret.

IMG_2315The process:


After working out the concept with the director, I sketched the scene and color blocked. The lantern in the foreground is a clever way to incorporate, or disguise, the light on the wall.


The equipment.

IMG_6047 IMG_6048

After I drew the ferris wheel, I painted in the sky color before painting the lines and seats.


Not quite sure where this roller coaster is going yet!



The templates I made for the ferris wheel seats.


Color blocking the haunted house. I had to work this doorway into the amusement park scene and found inspiration from an internet search of haunted houses.


The staging is set for me to paint in the lines of the tent and create the roller coaster.

IMG_6118 IMG_6119

The template I drew for the carousel horses.


Oops, I realized when I looked at the photos last night that I had painted some of the horses in the wrong direction! I had been painting for hours before I did that. I should have taken a break!


Here is the finished entrance to the haunted house. I think I’d like to darken the lines around the eyes a little, especially the crease above the eye. But, then again, this mural is just going to be up for a couple of days! When all the painting and set up for the show is done, I’ll hang black fabric from the top of the door with industrial velcro.

IMG_6133I never had time to fix the horse going the wrong way (well, if I really needed to fix it I would have). Once the performers fill the stage, no one will notice.



Lastly, I gave the ticket booth some stripes and polka dot fabric to complete the amusement park theme upon entering the show.


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