Fagin’s Gang

Finally! More costumes from the “Oliver” high school production I worked on a couple of years ago. Yes, I’m way behind in updating my photos but the costumes are timeless :). Zombie dirt was used on faces and to distress some of the costumes. Messy but easy to wash off clothing (or simply brushed off if not heavily applied) which is a good thing if there’s a need to reuse costumes in a less distressed state (well, mostly for re-using the less tattered pieces in another production). Some watered down acrylic paint was also used.

Young pickpockets


Fagin’s frock was made from this McCall’s pattern, modified pockets for a period look.


Below is a photo of a supposedly Victorian thief that was inspiration for the costume of  the young actor above, second from right.


Photo credit: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2165262/Rogues-gallery-Fagins-children-Mugshots-Victorian-criminals-shows-thieves-young-11-jailed-stealing-clothes-cash-metal.html

The stage lights faded the colors of the shawl so here is what it looked like when it was completed. The pinafore was cut from a women’s sleeveless dress.


Below is the simple way the plaid pinafore was made on the actor above, about five in from the left.

For more of my costume work, please see my Theatre Costume page.

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