First Abstracts

This is a time of firsts as I return to creating fine art. And the first of many firsts are these abstract exercises in my first class with mixed-media artist Karen Rand Anderson.

I’m excited to see how this new style of painting in mixed media develops tomorrow!

Day 1

Day 2

Putting paint to my canvas and trying different tree colors:

Day 3

I learned so much in the three-day Diving Into Abstraction workshop and there’s still so much more learning and exploring to do! I’ll be doing just that as I work to achieve the final look I’m seeking for the painting on canvas below. But for now, I’m sharing my experience.

Below, the top photo shows the final image at the end of the workshop. The next image is without the sap pail. At first, I wasn’t sure I wanted it. And now I may change it to another tree further in the woods if I can because it’s a piece of paper that’s glued on with Matte Gel. Or I may entirely repaint the image on a new canvas, change some things and compare the images. The third image was after I decided on the colors of my trees. But I’m still not sure. The landscape photo is my reference. It’s a scene I photographed while hiking on Kinsman Trail in Franconia, to capture an old rusted sap pail still hanging deep in the woods.

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