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The name haymac is the combination of my children’s names. This is the place where I share my art, the art of others, and my passion for the arts.


I have always loved fine art and my favorite medium is oils but when my daughter became involved in theatre back in 5th grade, I placed my artistic endeavors on hold to help with the shows she was involved in, either painting sets, murals or designing and sewing costumes. After she graduated from high school, I continued on with costuming for large musical performances at the Stadium Theatre in Woonsocket. Finding it to be physically exhausting to solo design and costume shows with an average of 35 – 40 plus performers, I’m returning to my true love, oil painting.

If you would like to discuss my work, commission work, either in fine arts, decorative arts, or a custom made costume, I can be contacted at haymac9596@gmail.com.

Thank you for stopping by! Linda

“A Christmas Carol” presented by Shining Light Productions. 2015. Stadium Theatre, Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Photo by Mike Scott Photo

All images and content are the property of haymac  (unless otherwise noted) and may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form without my consent.



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