Fine Art

Early on I didn’t think to photograph my paintings, many that I sold or donated to charity auctions. So here is just a sampling of some of my art.  

These paintings of Hilton Head and Caledonia Country Club were painted for my friend:

Boats below were on the shore in Brewster Cape Cod, Clothesline is from a photo I took during a workshop with Caleb Stone on Monhegan Island, Maine, and Sheep at the Billings Farm is painted from a photo I took while visiting the farm in Woodstock, Vermont. Donuts and Lemon are quick, 3 hour paintings:

Historic Franklin Farm in Cumberland, RI:

My friend’s husband’s boots that I painted on commission:


Oil paintings I did on location in Brewster, Cape Cod and sold to the owner of the boat:


Fall reflection painting I sold while on exhibit at the Attleboro Art Museum holiday exhibit, small picture section:

Sierra Exif JPEG

The windmill is located in Dennis, Massachusetts, Cape Cod, and was on exhibit at the Attleboro Art Museum:


Flowers and pears:


A painting I made for a gift for my friend, Rose:

Sierra Exif JPEG


Still lifes:


Quick sketches:

Oil paintings I did, each in a day, while on location on Mohegan Island, Maine:


An oil painting I created for my children’s school, “The Waiting Tree”:


Plein air workshops with my students:






A painting created using old painted brushes, the student named this “On Holiday”:


In the news:


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