Theatre Art

Oliver! I painted the set to match the backdrop

Amusement Park Mural for Choral Cabaret

There’s a double door behind the black fabric draped from the mouth from where a tall and scary puppet enters the stage at some point during the show. The process of making the mural can be seen here:


The marble bookcase I painted for Murder Can Be Habit Forming.


Hello Dolly sets I designed (the art part), painted, and got students involved.


How the sets looks in the show.


Helping students in the Cinderella production to create a banner for the parade.


Some set pieces I designed and painted for Cinderella (the pumpkins and tree, not the backdrop).


The set I designed painted for Up The Down Staircase (again, I designed only the painting part).


The crazy tree mural I designed and painted for the equally crazy production of

You Can’t Take It With You.


I taught my daughter how to make this acrylic piece for Fiddler On The Roof.


Peter Pan

I designed and painted the headboards, dog house, fireplace, tree stump and trees (trees not pictured). The beds, dog house, hanging the curtains and painting faux panels on the box in front of the window were done very quickly, as in the day of opening night! I would have made them more elaborate if there had been more time.


The simple curtain panels I designed (time was limited) and faux painted panels under the window.


Designed and wrapped the drums. Students painted the tops first.


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